Our Service to Tenants

Sometimes being a tenant can be frustrating. In the worst of times, it can be soul-destroying, especially when you’re not given the service you wish for while you are going through the process of sourcing and securing a new home.

At YPM we recognise that. With us, you are always a valued client. We know that people rent properties for all kinds of reasons. We also know that one day you may become one of our landlord clients! Many of our tenants have become landlords; this is testament to the fact that we care about all parties.

As a tenant of Your Property Manager (YPM), you will be valued, respected and supported as our customer. In return, we ask that you fulfil some obligations. These are outlined in the YPM Welcome Pack you receive when you move in to your new home. Further important information is found in the booklet “Renting a Home – A guide for tenants & landlords”, also known as “The little red book”. You will be provided with a copy of this booklet as part of your Welcome Pack as required by law in Victoria.