Should the property you are renting suffer any damage or require repairs, you must contact your dedicated Property Manager to report the problems immediately.

You may wish download and complete our Repair Request Form template as for repairs are to be in writing via:

- email, or
- fax

We will not accept maintenance (urgent or non urgent) via text message.

Only emergency repairs will be accepted by phone request, and a follow up confirmation in writing must be given.


- It’s required by law under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997
- So we have a paper/email trail
- If we are in the car, or at an appointment, we may not be not able to write it down
- The request goes in to our queue and is prioritised in order of importance
- If someone leaves or is away, we have a record

Your Request

Should nominate the best times and method of access to the property and provide us with as many details about the maintenance issue:
Example - gas or electric stove